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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 27, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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smugness and group think. good night from washington. sean hannity is next. >> sean: all right, tucker. thank you. great show as always. welcome to hannity. we are following multiple developing stories tonight. first two high profile so-called champions of women and women's rights. democratic senator al franken, congressman john conyers we main in hot water tonight over numerous allegations of sexual misconduct. and you won't believe who all of a sudden is calling for due process. under the law. in order to defend her embattled colleagues. we will tell you about that also expose the phony double standard within the democratic party today. plus, we're continuing our investigation of the investigators that are carrying out the russian probe. tonight, we have new damning information about special counsel robert mueller and one of his top investigators andrew weismann. also tonight, for the next three and a half weeks, republicans, you are now facing the biggest challenge in a generation. i have an important message to those in the u.s. senate
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who have not been fulfilling their promises. plus, why have good news to report tonight. the economy is booming. and this all despite congressional inaction. the president is building a steady record of accomplishments. that and much more in tonight's breaking news opening monologue. as we speak tonight, the democratic party is drowning in a sea of scandals. senator al franken has been forced to issue multiple apologies after now four women have come forward to accuse him of sexual misconducted. now, the allegations include unwanted kissing, groping, and earlier today franken apologized yet again but made it clear he has no plans to step down. watch this. >> i know that i have let a lot of people down. people of minnesota, my colleagues, my staff. my supporters. and everyone who has counted on me to be a champion for women.
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if you had, you know, asked me two weeks ago would any woman come forwards with an allegation like this, i would have said no. and so i cannot speculate. this has been a shock. and it's been extremely humbling. i am embarrassed. i feel ashamed. what i'm going to do is i'm -- i'm going to start my job. i'm going to go back to work. i'm going to work as hard as i can for the people of minnesota. and i'm going to start that right now. >> you know. i'm someone who, you know, hugs people. and i've learned from these stories that some of -- in some of these encounters i have crossed the line.
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>> sean: senator groper is not the only high profile democrat facing sexual harassment allegations. the longest serving member of congress, john conyers is in hot water after new revelations show that he settled one sexual harassment case out of court, paying a former staff not out of his own money but out of congressional office funding. another congressional aide has also accused the democratic congressman of verbally abusing her and even said conyers once held a meeting in his underwear. this weekend, conyers issued a statement announcing his decision to step down as the ranking member of the house judiciary committee. conyers said he has no plans of resigning from office, writing in part, quote: i very much look forward to convinced indicating myself and my family before the house committee on ethics. of course, there is no shortage of democrats in congress that are coming tout defend franken and conyers. they're democrats. all of a sudden they have discovered whoa, due process and not rushing to judgment is a good thing. imagine that. take a look. >> should franken resign?
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>> listen, al franken has acknowledged what he did was wrong and it was wrong. he has also submitted his whole case to the senate ethics committee. i think that was the right thing to do. >> do you think congressman conyers, you swit him on judiciary. should he resign. >> i think the ethics process should proceed. >> you know senator franken, you've searched with him. what do you think should happen to him? should he resign? >> that's the question that will have to be determined after the investigation. >> the house ethics just this afternoon announced an investigation of john conyers. he needs to be held accountable for whatever happened. should he step down? >> let's wait and see what the house ethics committee does. >> your colleague, al franken has been accused. do you think he should resign? >> i think that that is a distraction to be talking about resignation. >> do you now think that your colleague conyers should resign from the house? >> no, i don't think the rules are different from anyone else. >> sean: house minority leader nancy pelosi is also rushing to defend conyers.
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she is saying no rush to judgment. she is actually calling for due process. watch this. >> we are strenged b strengthen thensd by due process. just because someone is accused. was it one accusation? is it two? i think there has to be -- john conyers is an icon in our country. he has done a great deal to protect women, violence against women act. >> he got to hide his settlement. his accusers had to go through all sorts of craziness. why is he entitled to new due process in this case? >> no. we are talking about what we have heard. i have asked the ethics committee to review that. >> yeah. >> he has said he would be open -- he will coop. >> do you believe -- excuse me. >> i don't know who they are, do you? they have not really come forward. >> so you don't know if you believe the accusations? >> well, that's for the ethics committee to review. >> sean: i stand consistent. i say never rush to judgment. everybody deserves the presumption of innocence and i stand by that in this
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particular case. but it is funny that congresswoman pelosi only seems to care about due process but only when democrats are involved. during that same interview pelosi was asked about a comment she made in 1998 then host meet the press tim russert asked her about the investigation into bill clinton. this gets rather humorous but sad. >> why the silence when there have been these allegations, serious ones about president clinton? >> well, i would like to say that i think that the women of america are speaking out about what they think about this whole situation. and the women of america are just like other americans in that they value fairness. they value privacy. and do not want to see a person with uncontrolled power, uncontrolled time, uncontrolled -- unlimited money investigating the president of the united states. >> sean: with inconsistent statements like this can you really trust the democratic party to be the champion for women or are they just playing politics with the
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topic? can the democratic party really stand for women when it protected the clintons for 30 years who took millions and millions of dollars from countries with the most atrocious women's rights records? and county democratic party really stand for women when it supports a person for president who we all know actively tried to see you lens all of her husband's sexual assault accusers? and by the way, even on meet the press they called bill clinton a predator with being accused of predatory behavior? the answers to us are pretty simple. now, we turn our attention to another top story tonight, the lawyers for former national security advisor michael flynn, reportedly meeting with members of robert mueller's team. a sign that a deal could in fact be in the works. tonight, once again we are investigating the investigators behind this russia collusion probe. including the special counsel himself, robert mueller and one of his top prosecutors, andrew weismann. the "l.a. times" this weekend out with a brand new
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profile of mueller highlighting many of his serious flaws. according to the article, quote, mueller has a record that shows a man of fallible judgment who can be slow to alter his chosen course. the article goes on to criticize his handling of the 2001 anthrax case while mueller was serving as the director of the fbi. the report reads, quote: his tenacious yet linear approach to evaluating evidence led him to fumble the biggest u.s. terrorism investigation since 9/11. now, of course, this is the very same robert mueller who stood by and did nothing when he was the director of the fbi while the controversial sale of uranium one was being approved by hillary clinton, eric holders and others in 2010. keep in mind in 2009, the fbi had evidence of russian bribery linked to uranium one. remember, a confidential informant provided further evidence of a potentially illicit deal? 18 months before.
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where 20% of america's uranium was at stake here. all while the united states faces a uranium shortage. so why did robert mueller stop that horrible deal? now some are questioning the motives behind who mueller chose to staff the russia investigation. later tonight, you will meet a woman named sidney powell, she worked at the doj for a decade. she believes that one of mueller's top investigators, andrew weismann, has a documented history of using strong arm tactics to seek convictions, unethical behavior. our own colleague gregg jarrett will also join us tonight. he did digging into wiseman's past. he came to the same conclusion. remember back during the enron accounting scandal wiseman hard charging prosecutor on the task force that brought a controversial obstruction of justice case against the accounting firm arthur anderson. that eventually put that company out of business. it cost tens of thousands of people their jobs. it was all for nothing
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because in 2005, the u.s. supreme court overturned the obstruction of justice conviction in a 9-0 unanimous ruling. but that's not the only example of wiseman's aggressive tactics resulting in a case being overturned. the conviction of a business transaction between enron and merrill lynch, it sent people to jail. it was also reversed by the fifth u.s. circuit of appeals. now, critics have also accused wiseman of intimidating witnesses, creating crimes that don't even exist. in one case, in particular, one case withholding evidence that was exculpatory that would have helped the defendant. and just like mueller, wiseman is also tied to this corrupt uranium one deal and the ensuing coverup. wiseman ran the doj's fraud section during the russian bribery scheme and gregg jarrett noticed that his name, his signature are on the bottom of the plea agreement that was signed by the russian businessman involved in that case. so why in god's name was
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mueller appoint wiseman with his record of being overturned to be involved in the russia investigation? and we're going to be entirely honest the entire russia collusion investigation may never even have taken place if not for the complete hysteria on the left from the moment donald trump defeated hillary on november 8th of 2016. over the weekend, the president tweeted, quote: since the first day i took office, all you hear is the phony democratic excuse for losing the election. russia, russia, russia, despite this i have the economy booming, and have possibly done more than any 10-month president. make america great again. now, the president is right to push the significant economic triumphs that have now taken place in the last 10 months. we're going to get to more of that good news in a minute. first, i want to offer a sincere to lawmakers in washington. despite set backs the house have gotten some work done
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fighting for the president's agenda. they got the repeal and replace of obamacare. they got the tax cut. 1400 bills and joint resolutions passed. for the next three and a half weeks all eyes will be on the ineffective u.s. senate where we have seen a much different unfolding. president trump's nominations only 249 have yet to be approved in almost a year? and, of course, we all remember the senate's failure to repeal obamacare. and now a tax reform vote is looming. but its fate is totally uncertain tonight. and like many other pies o piecf legislation by the white house, have you several senators staptionding nits way. tonight we asked john mccain and lisa murkowski, bob corker, jeff flake the snowflake and others, who might be planning to kill the tax cut bill, i have a message for you. voters did not put you in office to do nothing. and vote no on everything. the american people put you in office to solve difficult problems to get the job
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done. so beings yoyou don't like somen the tax bill, fix it. i don't like everything in this bill either, but over the next three and a half weeks all of america is watching. they expect a fa tax reform girl. one that lowers the rate brings back jobs for overseas. middle class tax cut. energy jobs that will be created. remember, with these cuts, all that makes the opening of factories in the u.s. possible. a tax reform bill that's going to spur economic growth hopefully for decades to come. no, the bill is not perfect but earlier today senator rand paul announced he will support the senate's tax reform legislation. like him, i wish it went further. it's time for other lawmakers to join him. there is too much at stake. do you even care about the forgotten men and women in this country, people in poverty on food stamps out of work? now, despite the senate's inability to pass laws and approve the president's picks. of the president, he is working at the speed of trump and has for the last 10 months to get things
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done. and, of course, members of the lazy destroy trump media aren't interested in doing their job. so we'll continue to do it for them, take a look at that screen right there. here are just some of the president's accomplishments. now, there are so many it would take us way too long to read them all. on top of the president's accomplish. s, since he took office in january, look at the economic numbers. things are booming. according to the latest numbers available in october 261,000 jobs created. unemployment at 17-year low. consumer confidence a 17-year lie. median, existing home price for all housing types in october 27, people's biggest investment that's up 8.7% from january of 2017. stock market, again, all-time high and more people are in the work force than ever. and on the campaign trail, president trump prom missilessed to make our economy great. well, so far that's exactly what he is doing. that's why the senate needs to get off their back sides and pass this tax reform package. it's vital.
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take a look at the president pushing this tax cut earlier today. >> i think the tax bill is going very well. we had a meeting on it today. it's going to be a very tax cut, the biggest in the history of our country. you have to pay a lot less tax. that's okay. but, we're going to have a tremendous, i think we are going to have great reseptemberrivity. receptivreceptivewe are interesd in getting it passed. again, it will be the biggest tax reduction in the history of our country it will bring jobs it will bring a lot of income coming into the country, buying product, et cetera. i think it's doing very well. >> sean: joining us now author of the best selling book "vengeance" former speaker of the house newt gingrich, good to see you. >> it's good to see you. >> sean: go ahead. >> i think the president has a lot to crow about. that was pretty impressive. think about how close he is
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to getting the tax cuts that will lead to i think a generation of economic boom. >> sean: by the way i use ricola if it really gets bad you need strong anti-inprogra inflammatories. look at the statistics i just read off. that's significant economic growth. major corporations now promising billions in investment. factories saved from moving to mexico because of the president's involved by himself. burdensome regulation, energy independence. the house, look, they are not perfect. i wasn't exactly happy with repeal and replace. the senate is getting nothing done, mr. speaker. they haven't even confirmed half of the president's nominees. >> let's see how the next couple weeks work out. i think you've got, first of
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all, if they can get the tax bill through the senate, that is a huge victory and erases a lot of problems. second, i think they are going to get between 100 and 150 appointees approved between now and christmas. that will move judgeships, ambassadors, other jobs pretty fast pace up until they leave on christmas eve. so i think it will be a different appearance. >> sean: will they get this bill done? do you think the senate is going to get this tax bill done? >> yes. i think they will. >> sean: why? >> i think -- because unlike the whole healthcare fight, this is a really straightforward issue. do you want the american people to have more money or do you want the government to have more money? there aren't many republicans in the end who are going to come down fort government having more money. and i think rand paul today
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had a very fine article explaining why he was for the bill and why he hoped others would join him in being for the bill. i hope you are going to see -- i know, for example, ron johnson has been very worried about the small business tax cuts. well, i think that's been largely fixed and i think that the national federation of independent businesses and other folks who are for the job creators network have all come out and said this is a very good first step for small business. it helps probably 95% of the small businesses in the united states. so, there are a series of those things coming down the road that make me feel pretty optimistic. >> sean: by the way, i have had your same throat issues. people think it really hurts to talk. it doesn't, right? >> no. >> sean: we are not going to torture you. it just is what it is. the vocal chords get inflamed and they need to
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calm down is all it is. it doesn't hurt. i speak from experience. it just makes us think it hurts. >> yeah. >> sean: i like the middle class tax cuts, if necessary. the corporate tax cuts will make us so competitive. reoperatrepatriatation. the steps the president has taken on energy independence will create millions of career high paying jobs. i worry about one thing with the republican party. help me out. that is it seems reagan has dropped the top marginal rates from 28 t -- long irs period of peace time growth period in history. what i worry about is out of fear of the class warfare rhetoric of the democrats that's why we're not cutting taxes across the board. in other words, top 20% pay 90-some odd percent of the tax bill.
6:20 pm
income tax bill. seems cutting their taxes would be smart, too, for everybody and work like it worked for kennedy and reagan. your thoughts? >> well, it would work. but, remember, if you cut the corporate rate down to 20%, virtually everybody who is successful is going to be better off. because they own the stock, they own the investments. this is not exactly anti-success. i think the key here is can you package a bill where you make it very hard to vote no? and that's the whole game here making it hard to vote no. i think they didn't want to give the "new york times," "the washington post," you know, nancy pelosi and those folks an easy club to beat them with. i think it probably was the right decision. i can make a good argument. i voted for the reagan tax cuts. i can make a good argument for cutting everybody's taxes. but the truth is if this
6:21 pm
economy booms, everybody who is successful is going to be a lot better off just because they are going to be a part of a huge rising tide of economic opportunity. >> sean: let me ask you about franken, conyers. i played that russert clip from meet the press with nancy pelosi. and now she is calling for due process but only because it's a democrat. i actually believe in not rushing to judgment on anybody, especially the people that deny charges. that goes for john conyers or anybody else. i believe in the presumption of innocence. i believe it strongly. i think everybody should. and it's proven me right with richard jewel and duke lacrosse and ferguson and trump having the possibility of winning or baltimore where the media has gotten it wrong so many times. my question is here you see selective moral outrage and the question of defending the clintons for 30 years comes into play. i want to get your reaction to all of that and what you think of this double
6:22 pm
standard. >> look, when i look back some day and realize we were the generation that had to put up with the clintons for our entire life. that may be ending. this may all be coming to a head. it's conceivable that a year or two from now they will have disappeared and finally we'll be free at last. >> sean: yeah. all right, mr. speaker. i like ricola. if you need my doctor who helps in these moments i will give you offline. i don't want to be encouraging the use of medicines because i'm not a doctor and i don't play one on tv. i hope you feel better. >> okay. >> sean: i would have talked less. you seem to feel better. you will monica crowley and tammy bruce are here to react to the democratic party's sexual harassment problems that are getting worse tonight. later, we will talk to a former federal prosecutor
6:23 pm
whose warning robert mueller, andrew wiseman their investigation is dangerous and outrageous abuse of power and the term pocahontas. we will explain ahead. ♪ i mean wish i had time to take care of my portfolio, but..
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zero tolerance. john conyers, what does that mean for him right now in or out. >> we are strengthened by due process. just because someone is accused, and was it one accusation? is it two? i think there has to be. john conyers is an icon in our country. he has done a great deal to protect women -- violence against women act. right wing quoting me as praising him for his work on that and he did great work on that. the fact is ago jump reviews his case which he knows, which i i don't know.
6:27 pm
>> why don't you? how is it that you don't? >> may i finish my sentence? >> that he will do the right thing. >> sean: house minority leader nancy pelosi calling congressman john conyers an icon saying we can't rush to judgment we need due process amid the sexual harassment allegations. here with reaction is nationally syndicated radio talk show host fox news contributor tammy bruce. conservative columnist monica crowley back with us. let's start about the 30 years of defending the clintons. then i didn't hear many democrats talk -- i don't hear them ever talk about due process not rushing to judgment if it's a republican. it's pretty transparent now. but its serious because i say not to rush to judgment on anybody. that includes john conyers who i don't agree with anybody with. >> the gravitational pull of partisan politics we know is powerful. who is what makes mrs. pelosi comments so fascinating and
6:28 pm
hypocritical. over the last several, we we have seen high pro-leftists people on the left saying we need retrospective on clinton crimes against women. rape allegations, allegations of sexual assault and sexual harassment. there needs to be a reckoning. some have even said bill clinton should have resigned 20, 25 years ago, right? >> sean: they can say it now but wait a minute, the clintons have no power. >> that's right. that's what makes her words meaningless. if the left real lit meant what they have been saying over the last two to three weeks about bill clinton, then they should be applying an even standard across the board. what you just saw with mrs. pelosi is well, the clintons are no longer helpful to us, we will pass judgment on him now that it's too late. but john conyers, civil rights icon, no, he needs to stay and al franken needs to stay. >> let me add something here. this is. >> sean: what do you mean national organization for women you? were the president of the l.a. chapter. >> when i saw -- this is when it was clear that it was a fraud.
6:29 pm
susan sarandon has come out in the last two days saying the entire movement was a fraud. in my book in 2001, racism, homophobia lives on the left. everything they are doing is fake. domestic violence, they say they are your champion and protect you while they victimize you day after day. it is finally now becoming clear how much of a fraud this dynamic has been. how many. >> sean: 30 years. >> what they are saying when she says john conyers is an icon, what they are saying is we are willing to have individual women's lives destroyed by these men in the name of the collective. and if anybody of feminist of all people should be appalled. liberal women should be appalled realizing that they have been conned for two generations at this point. >> sean: it's too serious. i said this in the moore case. charges are serious. people deserve answers and eventually it will be the people that decide which by the way rightly. so not commentators and fake
6:30 pm
news people. let me tell you how bad it's gotten in this case this was in the huffington post. leann tweeden was never raped. she was never assaulted. she was never the victim of sexual violence or harassment she was a willing and active participant of a comedy show that involved sexualized behaviors and she consented to participate. she'll didn't consent to that picture. she was asleep. that's called evidence. that's irrefutable, incontrovertible evidence. let me put up another piece. there was a tweet so-called feminist in this case emily linden is her name. here is unpopular opinion i'm actually not at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault harassment allegations. is it your brother? is it your father? is it your husband? is it somebody you care about? >> this country is built on individual liberty and individual rights. and what the left is all
6:31 pm
about to tammy's point is about the collective. they will put their agenda and they will put the so-called good of the group ahead of the rights of the individual, right? so this is what we're seeing now across the board. and with these folks, i will say this: that if you are a woman accusing a man of the left of this kind of thing, you face an uphill battle. you face a much steeper fight because they put the group and the agenda ahead of individual rights. >> part of what has made this flood happen, especially in hollywood, is the fact that the clintons now were effective live powerless. they were the glue holding it up. people presumed she would be elected. the silence continued. as they realized that the people that they were believing would remain in power would not. i think then, of course, a few women said wait a minute, why are we protecting harvey weinstein? why are we protecting price at amazon? why are we saying nothing when they turn around and realize because the hillary clinton campaign was also
6:32 pm
false effectively. >> sean: i got the crap beat out of me because i said don't rush to judgment. as it turns out in the case of roy moore when i said okay you have to answer these questions. >> yes. >> sean: now we have a woman that claims she has a yearbook. i have talked to forensic experts. they would be able to determine if the signature was his if they can compare his writing at the time and whether or not the ink was old or new. nobody is doing the forensic here which would answer one very significant charge. >> and, look, i think we do have to look more cautiously at accusations that clearly have a goal or a benefit attached to them. like accusations made just prior to an election. by individuals. >> sean: or clarence thomas. >> not that i think that some those accusers are very credible and others, perhaps, are not. but the fact of the matter is people of alabama will make their decision. what i october to is mitch mcconnell telling him to leave the race when he has
6:33 pm
been strangely silent, hasn't he, over the conyers issue, the al franken issue. where are suddenly all the champion on the right. >> they are scared to death, tammy. >> it does not help their agenda. they are all scared to death. >> that's because god knows what's in anybody's closet here. when we talk about the hip self the left, right? we need to keep one thing in mind, sean and this is something you talk about on this program every night. the left is at war in this country. they are at war against the counsel substitution, free market capitalism and our premarket value system. they will not anybody or anything get in the way. >> sean: what these guys in congress want to make their deals and keep it confidential. they have to use their own money. they can't use taxpayer money. >> this is also though about the transparency. i think at the same time you have got a bubble in washington that exempts themselves from the world as a whole. whether it's obamacare or sexual harassment. that is what has to crumble.
6:34 pm
>> sean: thank you both. good to see you both. i appreciate it up next, we will continue to investigate the investigators, things you won't hear anywhere else. i promise you on television. you will hear from a former federal prosecutor mueller's abuse of power unethical behavior. she will explain alonging with gregg jarrett straight ahead along with sebastian gorka. ♪ advil liqui-gels and advil liqui-gels minis. what pain?
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we continue to investigate the investigator now my next guest worked for the doj for over a decade says robert mueller's investigation is an outrageous abuse of power. now, she is the author of licensed to lie, exposing corruption in the department of justice. former federal prosecutor sidney powell joins us as well as fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. so, the "l.a. times," sydney, had this piece. it was brutal to robert mueller. andrew weismann has the single worst record when you look at merrill lynch, enron, arthur anderson, tens of thousands of people lost their job. a 9-0 supreme court reversal of what he did and fifth circuit of appeals. same thing reversal. people went to jail because he wouldn't allow bail and they ended up again being exonerated also withholding exculpatory evidence in a case. what would mueller ever pick somebody with such an
6:39 pm
atrocious track record if he didn't have an agenda to be kind here overly aggressive and abuse the power of that office? you are putting it very politely, sean. andrew wisman is the poster boy for prosecutorial misconduct. he was the driving force behind the indictment of arthur anderson which as you mentioned after a week being unsoiled eradicated a company and 85,000 jobs worldwide with the stroke of the pen on the indictment itself anderson was giving the death penalty only to be reversed 9-0 by the supreme court three years later. >> sean: that never happened. not many 9-0 decisions are there. >> no, there are not. justice rehnquist wall street for the court it was shocking how familiar culpability the jury instructions had acquired.
6:40 pm
mr. wiseman obtained the conviction by erratic indicating criminal intent from the jury instructions and persuading the judge to give instructions that simply were devoid of that crucial element. >> sean: you write, gregg jarrett, that wiseman is notorious lawyer. known for abusive tactics and for weaponizing the law in a ruthless and often unprincipled quest to innocent people have been victimized by him. his biggest cases we have been talking about reversed. >> yeah. i mean i think about all the people, tens of thousands of people who lost their jobs because of that man right there over absolutely nothing. and the merrill lynch employees were incarcerated. some of them in solitary confinement before the circuit released them. >> sean: for a year. >> yes. for nothing. this is man who has been accused of threatening witnesses and hiding
6:41 pm
exculpatory evidence. >> sean: how does he have the ability to practice law? >> because there is a syndicate going on within the department of justice. let's call it a cartel the equivalent of the mob. it's composed of that man andrew wiseman, robert mueller, james comey who has now lost his job and rod rosenstein who is the deputy attorney general. and the fact that all four of them are involved in the trump/russia investigation. it should be a cause for concern for every american they have little credibility because their intelling greg at this has been compromised. >> sean: nobody, sydney, seems to know the power of a prosecutor before a grand jury we know you can indict a ham sandwich. why did mueller pick this team? obviously he picked partisan democrats we have highlighted that but wick ago guy that is used ruthless unprincipled
6:42 pm
perhaps unethical tactics. why would mueller do that if he didn't have an agenda here and knowing this guy's background? >> because wiseman is the perfect tool for mr. mueller to do exactly what he wants to do. wiseman has a very long history of that and he and mueller go way back. they have been working together for at least 20 years. rosenstein worked for mueller back in 1990 through 1993. comey has worked with mueller. they are part of what i call a corrupt cabal of former prosecutors and now current prosecutors again who are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve whatever they want to achieve. and they define that themselves, not by the facts but by whatever their goal is win at any cost. >> sean: we will give you a get out of jail free card just tell us what we want. that doesn't necessarily mean that's the truth. >> you will tell this, this, or that or you will be indicted. >> sean: you make the connection between
6:43 pm
rosenstein and comey and mueller and wiseman. this does this feel like bffs. >> they are. >> sean: all of them? >> it's illegal simed cat that's acting under the guise of the law. >> sean: how could this happen in the united states of america, greg? this is not a banana republic here. >> because the department of justice, and particularly the fbi and comey and mueller at the fbi, have turned into this renegade rogue deep stated that operates under their own rules. >> sean: they don't want manafort. they don't want general flynn. they want frump. >> yes. and what i worry about are ruthless prosecutors who stubborn purge. what they do is they make promises and threats to defendants. you will spend 10 years behind bars unless you sign this statement and the witness says but that's a lie, and the prosecutor doesn't seem to care. >> sean: or i will go after
6:44 pm
your son. it's extortion. it's bribely. when they do it it's legal. when you and i do it it's i will real. it's got to stop. >> sean: sydney, last word, do you agree with all of that. >> i do agree with that he indicted andrew wife. he put young enron treasurer ben in solitary confinement until he was ready to cooperate. evidence will do anything to gte people to say what he wants them to say and then he will prove the case with hearsay. that's why there are always conspiracy charges. we are not seeing mission creep, sean. we are seeing creeps on a mission to tee stabilize and destroy this president. >> sean: i have two copies of your book coming. thanks to my friend gregg jarrett. we will read it in full. we will continue to do this investigation. it's scary what they're describing. when we come back, of the president calls senator elizabeth warren pocahontas today.
6:45 pm
the left irate. we're going to explain why the liberal senator is the one who exploited minority status, and we'll get reaction. sebastian gorka next. later, we have the big east of fake must. you don't want to miss it straight ahead. ♪ i'm all about my bed. this mattress is dangerously comfortable. when i get in, i literally say ahh. america loves the leesa mattress. we have more five star customer reviews than any other mattress of its kind. this bed hugs my body. today is gonna be great. order now and get $125 off. plus, a free pillow worth $75. and free
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♪ >> sean: and welcome back to hannity. so the fake news destroy trump liberal media losing their mind yet again over something president trump said at the white house during an event honoring native american code talkers who served in world war ii. president trump poked fun at one of his favorite targets. democratic senator elizabeth warren who has been proven to have lied about her native american heart damage. here is what he said. >> you were here long before any of us were here,
6:49 pm
although we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago. they call her pocahontas. but you know what? i like you because you are special. >> sean: now, of course, liberal media is jumping all over the use of the word and the name pocahontas which is called warren repeatedly. shucket they be more focused on going after warren who exploited her fake native american heritage for her own personal gain. here is fox news national security strategist sebastian gorka. dr. gorka, warren is now saying trump called me a racial slur. will not shut me up. well, there was a big investigation. and the use of minority status weather it's not accurate seems to be a far bigger offense that the left will never talk about. your reaction? >> it's a continuation of
6:50 pm
everything you've covered so far in your show. there is a protected class in this country. and it's the elite of the left. they are like untouchables. if your conyers, if you you're al franken, if you're bill clinton, you can preach that you're for women. can you preach that you are for the victim. but when you get caught red-handed nothing happens to you. it's the same with senator warren. this is a woman who had a no show job or a job where she taught one course and then picked up $400,000 from harvard a year. and then she's -- let's use the correct phrase, she is using cultural appropriation. she is using the native american heritage to get that job. and when the president. >> sean: is she native american, dr. gorka. >> no the left couldn't prove it. the best we found out well, shoe when she was young her family told her that she had
6:51 pm
cheer kecherokee blood in her n. proof. when the president pointed it out then she is the one who has been abused. wrong. you abused the american native heritage when you lied about your ethnic background, senator warren. >> sean: trying to take advantage and get minority status that she never deserved. >> right. and which harvard, harvard then waived the flag in 1996 when they were accused of being too white they said no, no, no, no, look, we have this woman on our faculty and she is part cherokee. bogus. this is classic fake news, sean. >> sean: all right. what do you think -- we have all this hypocrisy going on as it relates to sexual harassment. the very same democrats that many of whom were involved in smearing all the clinton women. i mean smearing and defending what we now know is predatory behavior of bill clinton. and the outrage they show
6:52 pm
only when republicans are accused of such things thousand they talk about due process and not rushing to judgment. i'm con sis tent. i think it should be the case take everything seriously. charges are serious. people still do deserve the presumption of innocence and that's even john conyers. they politicized. this your thoughts? >> look, that's the american way. we have to be a nation of law and order of rule of law even for the elites. >> sean: not trial by media. >> not trial by media and not false accusations that are just built upon and built upon. look, sean, it's very simple. as my good friend chris plante who has the morning radio show here in d.c. says all the time. if the left didn't have double standards, they wouldn't have any standards at all. that's the bottom line. it's flexible. it's made of rubber if you are one of us if you are
6:53 pm
hillary or bill or conyers or franken, don't worry, when you get caught we will cover for you. >> sean: what should happen in the franken case have you evidence. have you an admission although not on everything. in conyers case he says no and moore's case he says didn't happen? ideally the elite must police itself. you have to leave. you must show have you moral fiber or you must resign or sacked from your positions if there is a legal case to be made that should be investigated until the end of the tria trail whether they are republicans or democrats. >> sean: tax bill we have 30 seconds. is it going to pass and do you have any faith it will pass? >> i give it a 50/50 shot. if they don't realize if the g.o.p. establishment doesn't vealize their necks are on the line if this doesn't
6:54 pm
pass. then more fool them. >> sean: dr. sebastian gorka, thank you for being with us. it's one of the biggest examples of fake news. you can't make this stuff up. we will show you how liberal joe and mika and conspiracy tv straight up lied to their viewers. that's moments away. ♪
6:55 pm
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>> before we go, i had to share with you the biggest fake news yesterday. mika and joe caught red-handed lying to viewers. they pretended their show on friday, which was taped wednesday, was live as the day afternoon thanksgiving. watch this fake news. >> that was a great thanksgiving. >> hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. happy turkey day. >> i still have the belt unbuckled. >> i'm not comfortable. >> there was a fist fight at my dinner table. incredible. >> good to have you on board on this day after thanksgiving. woo. i'm stuffed. i always cook the turkey with the guts in it. >> i didn't notice. >> i ate the bag. >> yeah. it's good. >> one bite. >> was it bpa-free? >> uh-huh.
6:59 pm
yeah. >> i don't know. it was i'll frozen. that's okay. >> the game last night -- >> at least. >> sean: i'm stuffed. the game last night. you can't make this up. this got the attention of some viewers that slammed the two for the sleazy deception. sometimes you tape shows. i have a message to joe and mika. this is why nobody trusts you. very few people watch you. you know, can you just kind of try a little bit? they're so insane over there at this point. everything trump makes them bubble and fizz like alka-seltzer and water. doesn't matter how many times they're wrong. now oh, i'm so stuffed. oh! the game saved thanksgiving. thank got the game was great. the game that wasn't played and the turkey that wasn't eaten.
7:00 pm
can't make it up. that's all the time we have left. thanks for being with us. we'll always be fair and balanced. we're not the destroy trump media. laura ingraham, did you see my twitter frying the turkey? i mentioned you. >> laura: i was very proud of you for frying the turkey. i appreciated the fact that you acknowledged my -- i was a doubting laura. i didn't know you were so handy around the kitchen, sean. >> sean: i was a dishwasher and a cook. >> laura: let me hear that again from you. i worked the road crews. come on. >> sean: what did you do when you were 13? >> laura: i was a paper girl. i moved lawns. i picked blueberries. i walked ten miles to school in bare feet. >> sean: uphill both ways. have a great show. >> laura: thanks so much. it's a good evening from washington. we begin with some breaking news.


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